You Need to Know: How Offers with Every Interaction Sells You More Cars

If you’re spending most of your time, effort and money on the upfront communication of driving more traffic and then wasting it by not asking prospects to do something, you’re not alone.

Driving traffic is the easy part.

Getting them to take action once they visit your website or landing page is the hard part – that’s when the real marketing begins.

You need to know how to get more engagement, grow relationships and move people down the sales funnel with every interaction. When you do that, you’ll multiply your reach and impact and get more sales at the same time.

I’m writing seven articles (the first one was published yesterday) and I’m going to give you very specific direct response approaches you can apply instantly to increase engagement and sales.

If you are already doing some of them, keep doing them and look for ways to optimize your approach.

The first article explained the importance of telling your website and/or landing page visitors to do something on every page with a strong Call-to-Action.

This article will explain the second of seven direct response approaches…

(2 of 7) Don’t forget to make them an offer with every interaction

Every phone call with your BDC, the showroom visit, texting, emails – even if the offer is simple.

For Example:

“You can lower your payment, drive a newer car with no money down. Learn more about the vehicles you qualify for at _________.”

You should make an offer on every interaction for the same reason you should have a Call-to-Action on every page of your website or landing page. You’re training your audience that their interactions with you are given and take.

Below is an email one of our marketers created for a Virtual Sales Event. We sent this email out to every customer who abandoned the landing page without filling out a lead form or participating in one of the Call-to-Action options.

The email is short, simple, and to the point. It reminds the former landing page visitor about the initial offer and appeals to the consumer’s desire for frictionless shopping.

But it doesn’t just end there.

We include a new Call-to-Action telling the car shopper to re-visit the landing page because incentives are about to change – creating a sense of urgency:

Now, the dealer isn’t selling anything here – they’re just asking people who abandoned the landing page to re-visit and give their contact information in exchange for more information.

We love to model some of Amazon’s direct marketing techniques because they are so powerful.

There is no reason to go through a process of trial and error when you can follow a company that invests millions in marketing tests.

Many times, copying success from other industries can help you avoid mistakes and save you a lot of time, effort and money. It can also provide major breakthroughs.

Amazon always sends confirmation emails with suggested upsells, no matter what they’re confirming.

In the case below, we developed a landing page for our Service Combat Strategy that suggests additional offers to promote upselling opportunities.

Amazon knows that every communication is an opportunity to increase the customer’s purchase total. Any time you can easily integrate a strategy from the world’s largest retailer, you should follow their lead.

Every new car show, sponsorship, billboard and brand marketing approach you participate in should include a way to capture the traffic and further the relationship – even if your prospects don’t convert right away.

You want to give yourself the opportunity to convert institutional advertising into a direct response so you can engage, enroll and compel them to your dealership.

Remember driving traffic is easy – what you do afterward is where the real marketing begins. Consider driving people to a landing page that requires them to give their email in order to get the content that they came for.

You can create a retargeting strategy for all the traffic that leaves your landing page or website without completing the intended result. Then retarget them on Facebook.

Drive consumers to an offer of high perceived value, where they give you their email address. Then you can market to them wherever they are.

If you’re going to put in the time, effort and money into brand advertising, whether it be posters, billboards or banners, you have to make it worthwhile.

It doesn’t matter how good your offer and copy are if your call to action isn’t clearly defined.

You have to tell the person who took the time to pay attention to your ad what to do next in order to find out more or receive something of value.

Amazon knows that every communication is an opportunity to increase the customer’s purchase total. Any time you can easily integrate a strategy from the world’s largest retailer…

You should follow their lead.

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