Precision-Targeted Social Ads

When we say don’t out-spend the competition we mean it. Our average cost per click is over 500% better than Facebook’s overall average and 746% better than the automotive market. Our social ads deliver results without the high price tag of our competitors.  

Your Customers Are On Social Platforms Are You?

Dynamic ads pull directly from your inventory so customers only see what you have in stock and are ready to sell.

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We enable direct communication while still tracking leads and overall success of social campaigns. 

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Facebook/Instagram Ads

We deliver relevant ads to in-market customers. That means whether your customers are looking for cars, trucks or plumbing they will find you.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a business centered social platform that enables users to connect and promote their business or skills used in business.

Social Advertising Benefits


Audience Targeting

90.4% of millennials use social media, 77.5% of Gen X use social media and nearly 50% of Baby Boomers. Social platforms also allow a business to target customers based on their interests and personal behaviors.

Customer Interaction

Social media improves customer interaction by presenting products and services and also allowing customer feedback. Different types of users will provide varied comments and reviews, which helps identify areas of improvement and increases customer satisfaction.


Focus on Consumers

The primary purpose of social media is to engage users. As a social platform makes adjustments to cater to more businesses users move to other platforms. Social advertising enables businesses to engage customers in their personal interests.

Be Responsive

Customer's on social platforms can have a very positive but also very negative impact on a business. This transition can happen very quickly and advertisers need to be cautious. Responsove businesses can leverage customer feedback to their advantage.

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