Display Advertising

Google Display Network (GDN) places display ads with related content and audiences across thousands of websites. Our job is to work with Google tools to make sure that our clients are armed with the best resources to help plan, create, buy, measure and optimize your campaigns. 

J&L Marketing has dedicated design staff to create your Google display ads. Display ads are one of the most valuable ways to reach customers. The sheer reach of Google’s network, combined with the ability to customize design and targeting allow you to convert your audience at scale. 

Display Ad Examples

Cleaner markup/ Improved code

HTML5 enables designers to use cleaner code by removing div tags and replacing them with semantic HTML5 elements.

Visually superior

Our designers are some of the best in the market. Compare our ads to those of your competitors and you will see a clear difference. We use clearer images that are optimized for peak performance. 

In House Tech

We have developed a platform that quickly reallocates our designs in the appropriate ad sizes so we can ensure it is delivered in the most efficient and effective manner.

Display Advertising Benefits


High Visibility

Display ads can potentially reach about 90% of internet users or in Digital Marketing jargon they will have a high impression rate.

Advanced Targeting

Audience filters include demographic information, audience segments provided by google, keywords and topics and specifically targeted ad placements.


Display advertising provides the advertiser with the ability to brand the message visually by using logos or company colors to reinforce your brand and message.


Focus on Target Audience

Display ads typically have a lower CTR than search ads. This makes it critical to identify in-market audiences to focus the advertising

Power of Remarketing

When users see your ad they aren’t actively looking for your products or services, so they may not be ready to engage. Remarketing allows you reengage the customer who have visited

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