Search Advertising

Search campaigns allow you to place ads across search networks including Google and Bing. Search keyword rank can be heavily contested in certain markets so having the right partner to help navigate aggressive competitors is critical.

 Campaign structure and management make all the difference. Your dedicated J&L google certified analyst will dig deeper and work smarter than any advisor you have worked with before. Are you ready to see the J&L difference?

Search Ad Examples


We not only identify the best performing keywords in your market but also which will deliver the best ROI. So many providers use automated systems that certain keywords can be inflated and not worth bidding on.

Ad locations

Your ads can be targeted to specific zip codes or presented to users within a certain radius of your business location. We take the time to understand your effective marketing area so money isn't wasted on areas that don't deliver quality leads.


This is where J&L shines. We use customer data, in market data, geographic data and demographic data to build target audiences. Our audience creation and segmentation strategies are unrivaled, and your customers will notice.

Search Benefits


Massive Reach

Google search engine handles an obscene 2+ trillion searches per year. That’s over 5 billion searches per day.  Among those are people looking for solutions to problems that your business can offer.

Fast Results

Search Optimization is of extreme value but can take a long time to establish and grow. Paid search allows a business to quickly secure traffic from customers searching specific keywords even if your website doesn’t track very well organically.

Maximize ROI

The amount of control search campaigns employ to realize results is significant. By fine tunning keyword selections, audiences and budgets campaigns can see efficiencies and budget effectiveness over time.


Focused Message

Google allows for 30 character headlines and 90 character descriptions. Although Google has recently increased the number of characters by adding another headline it is still a limited space.

Pick Your Battles

Almost every company is currently participating in Google search campaigns. This inherently drives up the cost of local keyword auctions. Being able to navigate such a competitive and turbulent platform takes skill and expertise.

Keep Up With Google

Google frequently changes their tools and algorithms to adjust to market trends and technology. As a Google Premier partner J&L Marketing can help overcome this obstacle.

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