Direct Mail Marketing Solutions

With so many direct mail agencies working in the Automotive industry it’s important to have a partner you can count on. J&L Marketing is the premier provider of Automotive Direct Marketing solutions to thousands of dealers across the US. 
Our strategy includes:

  • Extensive Library of Marketing Templates
  • Proven Registration Process
  •  Call Center
  • On Site Coordinator

Customized Direct Mail Examples

J&L Marketing has been providing top of the line direct mail advertising for over 30 years. We are experts in the market and know how to deliver results.

Whether your business is looking to increase product sales or drive service appointments our direct mail campaigns can help achieve your goals.

Benefits of Direct Mail


Ability to target a specific audience, whether you’re looking to reactivate lost customers, drive in new customers or reward loyal customers, you can build a custom target audience

You can target specific addresses and home owners that are geographically near your place of business.

Complements digital marketing. Whatever your goal, direct mail can work with your other marketing methods to enhance overall performance, increase customer engagement, and improve your ROI.
Direct mail is tangible. It’s interactive, memorable and creative, has less competition and stays in front of the customer longer.


Use a PURL With Mail

Create a PURL (Personalized URL) to capture and convert user traffic. Each customer can be assigned a specific user experience to strengthen conversion potential.

Target Specific Customers

 Although the final ROI can be significant, the initial cost of delivering a mail campaign can be expensive. 

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