Video Marketing Solutions

60% of local auto shoppers will visit a dealership after watching a video.


Leverage the power of video with Youtube TrueView and Youtube Pre-roll

Facebook & Instagram

Video Saturation on social medias biggest stages, targeted & non invasive

Pre-Roll Video

Shortform video with geo & behavioral targets that serve your audience before they get their content.


Streaming contact: Use sight, sound, and emotion on the right screen for the right viewer.

Included with the Packages:

  • No field production at this level, however we can be involved in the creation of spots utilizing a mix of supplied footage (from dealer or OEM), existing J&L
    Templates and styles.
  • Editing, graphics, scripts, VO’s, etc. can all be managed.
  • Dynamic inventory videos (if available) to drive video may be utilized.
  • One :30 spot created and/or updated per month with a : 15 second cutdown.

On Site Production

Additional Creative Services 

  • 1 x Basic Field Production in market (every 6 months)
    • 1 Day of production
    • One producer from team will coordinate and shoot on location at dealership
  • No additional Pick-up shots, drone footage, etc. will be available outside of initial production.
  • Two:30 spot created with a :15 second cutdown of each.
  • B-Roll catalogue collected.
  • Running local footage of top three vehicles.

A La Carte Creative Services

Additonal Creative Services 

Producer: Scripting, Development, Coordination, Client Communication 

Cinematographer: Shooting, Interviews, Drone Operation, B-Roll 

Editor: Graphics, VO, Delivery, Editing 

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