Targeted Demand Gen Ads

J&L’s Omni-Channel approach guarantees your ads reach a variety of customer types including new in-market customers. We get you new business, secure your existing business and reclaim lost business.

Demand Gen ads appear in connection with feed-based content on YouTube Home, Watch Next feeds, Gmail, and Discover. They don’t use account-level content exclusion settings that are only applicable to websites, pages, videos, and apps. 


Inline Ads that match content consumption of in-market customers. J&L ad designs fit seamlessly.

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Discovery Ads are located in Google News and other google properties where customers are consuming content.

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J&L Tracks each conversion so we can report it in our custom analytics dashboard.

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See What Demand Gen Can Do For You

Designed For Discovery

Your ads will be present as consumers browse their favorite content and feed-based experiences on google owned content.

Google Properties

With the ability to reach up to 3 billion people monthly on YouTube Home, Watch Next feeds, Discover and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs.

Native Ads

A huge advantage in the advertising world because they are much less intrusive than typical ads. 

Why we choose Demand Gen as a marketing channel


Audience Targeting

Now we can target customers that have certain interests and in-market audiences for specific services and products.

Not Casual Observers

Demand Gen ads are said to reach people who are ready to discover and engage. Whereas Display ads are great for general awareness, which isn't always the main objective of eCommerce businesses.


Find New Customers

Placement is pre-determined to ensure they appear as much like native content as possible but that enables you to reach more new customers who aren't actively looking for your products.

Identify New Target Markets

Limited control over bid strategy. The content is key driver in ad appearance not cost or bid price so consumers are more likely to see it as organic content.

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