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Unveiling Brand Positioning Secrets with Ulli Appelbaum


Episode Description

In this riveting episode of Digital Marketing Domination, host Jamil Zabaneh welcomes Ulli Appelbaum, a seasoned expert in brand positioning, to share his profound insights on crafting a compelling brand identity. Dive into a discussion that unravels the essence of brand positioning at the intersection of frame of reference, consumer drivers, and competitive advantage. Ulli reveals the art of forging powerful brand associations destined to shape the market’s view for the next 3-5 years. Listeners will gain invaluable advice on evaluating and refreshing brand identity while focusing on the pivotal roles of consumer experience and company strengths. Whether you’re looking to revolutionize an established company’s image or nurture a budding brand, this episode is an indispensable resource for marketers aiming to dominate the digital landscape.

Ulli Appelbaum

Ulli Appelbaum’s journey into the world of advertising and brand strategy was sparked by a fascination with the concept of positioning. While his peers at business school were drawn to careers in consulting and finance, Appelbaum’s imagination was captured by the powerful ideas within “Positioning” by Trout and Rees, as well as the insights found in “Ogilvy on Advertising.” Unlike the vast majority of his 130 fellow students, he was one of only two who chose to venture into the advertising industry.

Appelbaum’s career has been a testament to his initial curiosity and enthusiasm. His professional focus has always centered around understanding consumer desires and crafting messages that resonate deeply with them. With an innate ability to frame a narrative around a product, cause, or argument, Appelbaum has consistently aimed to make them relevant in the consumer’s mind. Over the years, his passion for advertising has been enriched by an ever-growing knowledge of the science behind brand building, which in turn has bolstered his already impressive skill set.

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