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Exploring LinkedIn’s Content Solutions: Purna Virji’s Insights on Content Marketing, Storytelling, and SEO


Episode Description

In this episode of Digital Marketing Domination, host Jamil Zabaneh sits down with the esteemed Purna Virji, Principal Content Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn and author of High Impact Content Marketing. Purna shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the world of digital marketing as she discusses valuable insights on creating compelling content, the power of storytelling in marketing, and the evolving trends in SEO and digital marketing. Listeners will gain valuable strategies and wisdom, whether they are new to the world of marketing or seasoned professionals. Tune in for an enlightening conversation packed with expert advice and practical tips for digital marketing success.

Purna Virji

Perna Virji is the author of High Impact Content Marketing and a Principal Content Solution Consultant at LinkedIn. Purna brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise that’s truly unparalleled. Before her current role at LinkedIn, She led a global learning and thought leadership program at Microsoft. Her influence in the industry has been widely recognized from being week’s young influential list to being crowned the search personality of the year by the US Search Awards and even being hailed as the number one Influential expert in the world by PPC Hero.

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