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The Power of Quality Content: Emily O’Connor Kefs’ Insights on Digital Marketing and SEO


Episode Description

Join host Jamil Zabaneh as he sits down with guest Emily O’Connor Kefs, CEO of Content Writers, on this episode of Digital Marketing Domination. Together, they dive into the intricacies of SEO and content creation, exploring the impact of AI on digital marketing and the evolving landscape of Google’s search experience. With a focus on quality over quantity, they discuss tips for building SEO, the future of SEO, and specialized considerations for industries related to money, life, or livelihoods. As they explore the future of AI in content creation and the importance of human writers in producing dependable information, they offer valuable insights for marketers and businesses. Tune in to gain valuable strategies and stories in digital marketing from industry experts.

Emily O'Connor Kefs

Emily O’Connor Kefs is the CEO of Content Writers. Content Writers is known to be one of the best, if not the best content writer companies in the country. After a compelling journey, Emily rose to the top with her role in less than 2 years. Under the her, Content Writers has not only seeing a sustainable growth in terms of team size and revenue, but also in innovation. Emily’s expertise in building effective teams, driving sales growth and her forward thinking approach to content and digital marketing, make her the perfect guest for our conversation today.

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