This is What You Need to Instantly Boost Engagement

This seven-part series of blogs focus on finding ways to increase your sales by increasing engagement. Remember in blog #1 “7 Direct Response Tactics You Need to Increase Sales”- that the best way to increase engagement is to ask for it.

How much time, effort and money do you invest on upfront advertising to capture leads to call, email, text and visit your showroom… and then waste it by not circling back around at every opportunity?

The idea is to continuously build the relationship with every opportunity you get. It’s one thing to circle back around it’s another to do it in a way that creates a better experience and makes it easy for the prospect or customer to engage.

(5 of 7) Provide multiple ways for them to connect with you

Every time you communicate with your prospect or customer give them multiple ways to connect with you.

It’s natural if your BDC or sales rep is communicating by email to assume that email is the only channel the customer wants to communicate with. Make it easy and let them decide.

You have no idea what device they are on at any given time, so you don’t know what might be most convenient for them when they decide to get in touch with you. By giving them multiple choices you create a better experience because they will choose the one that is most convenient at that point in time.

This is not a new strategy… we use multiple response mechanisms all the time in direct response marketing. We don’t just ask someone to attend a Private Service Event – we provide the following ways for them to connect:

•   An 800 number

•   An email address

•   A physical address

•   A landing page

•   A number they can text

Don’t confuse this with giving multiple Call-to-Actions (CTA). There is only one CTA… and that’s to get in touch with you. You’re just giving them multiple ways to do that. Make it easier for them to reach you.

Giving people multiple ways to connect with you increases the likelihood that they will connect at all.

What if they’re not ready to buy or service with you but have questions?

The easier you make it for them to ask, the more engagement you’ll have. The more engagement you have, the more sales you’ll make.

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