Car Dealership Private Service Events

Private Service Events

Increase Service Department traffic and conversions with a J&L Marketing Private Service Event.

Private Service Events are the most effective way to generate new revenue opportunities, prevent customer defections and bring back lost customers.

We Carefully Target Four Types of Customers

We filter through data to discover current and potential customers who are most likely to respond to our marketing.

There are four types of customers who qualify for a Private Service Event: inactive, at-risk, current, and conquest.

Studies have shown that the number of times a customer visits a dealership’s service department is directly correlated to their future buying habits which is why we want to get these four types of vehicle owners to your dealership as often as possible.


Increase Customer Trust

A Private Service Event is your chance to create an event specifically designed to impress inactive, at-risk, current, and conquest customers with your service and expertise.

You’ll be able to increase their trust as you show them the quality of care and service you’re able to provide for them and their vehicle.

Vehicle owners who understand that dealerships like yours have more knowledge of their specific vehicle, quicker turnaround times, and competitive prices are less likely to turn to third-party shops and more likely to seek out your mechanics’ profession opinions and detailed service in the future.

Build Customer Base

As you draw customers to your dealership, whether it’s their first time or not, you’ll be able to increase your customer database by preventing defection and proactively adding new names and information to your DMS.

This will allow you to focus on turning those customers into repeat visitors and buyers over time – increasing your customer base time after time.

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