How to Use a Coupon Landing Page to Drive New Sales

In a competitive landscape, showcasing your company’s promotions and discounts can be an effective way to stand out. However, rather than simply mailing your coupons or promoting them via email, consider taking a new approach — building coupon landing pages.

Coupon landing pages can be a powerful way to advertise current promotions while gathering data on what deals and discounts drive the highest revenue. These landing pages are also extremely flexible. You can use them to encourage customer loyalty and win new leads.

In this guide, we’ll look at how you can put coupon landing pages to work for your business, driving sales and beating out the competition. The result is that you can use your coupon landing pages in conjunction with other digital efforts to target customers throughout the purchase decision-making journey.

What Is a Coupon Landing Page?

There are numerous types of landing pages you can use in digital marketing efforts. A coupon landing page is a specific style of page that focuses on a single offer. These pages are usually designed to incentivize a customer to make a specific purchase.

For example, an HVAC company might run a seasonal coupon landing page that offers $50 off a furnace installation. This coupon landing page would include copy, images, and call-to-actions that were all focused on furnace services.

Coupon landing pages are excellent tools for increasing awareness around a specific service. This can be particularly beneficial for companies that are launching a new service or competing against a well-known brand. By providing a discount, a coupon landing page will help motivate a customer to try out your newly launched services or make a brand switch.

You can use coupon landing pages in numerous ways to attract new sales, such as the following:

  • To promote a seasonal deal
  • To reward customers for repeat business
  • As a method for collecting contact information
  • To focus on boosting a specific service

One of the key benefits of a coupon landing page is that it is hyper-focused on one goal. When you drive a lead to your website, there are numerous actions they might take. They might explore multiple services. They might call your business or fill out a contact form. With a coupon landing page, you can create a singular path for a customer to take. The goal will be to convert the page viewer into a sale by creating a simple call-to-action. There might be multiple methods for a customer to accomplish this goal, but your landing page will be aimed at one result.

For example, in the case of an HVAC coupon promoting a discount on furnace installation, your goal is for a customer to schedule a furnace installation. They might do this by clicking a button, calling your business, or bringing the coupon to a physical location. Regardless, you will use this page to drive the action of purchasing a furnace service.

The Key Elements of a Quality Coupon Landing Page

To create a coupon landing page that converts, you’ll need to be sure to include a few key elements. A quality coupon landing page should have the following features:

  • A top-level offer landing page: Ideally, as you build out coupon landing pages, you’ll design a top-level page that showcases each of your coupons. Customers seeking discounts can see all your offers in one convenient location. From here, they can click through to individual coupon landing pages. These individual pages are the ones you can utilize for targeted ads and emails.
  • Numerous methods for conversion: Each coupon landing page should contain a clear call-to-action, and you should offer multiple methods for taking that action. Examples of how you might encourage conversions include the following:
    • A click-to-call button
    • A digital appointment scheduler
    • The ability to store the coupon in a digital wallet
    • A button to text the coupon to a phone number
    • A method for printing a physical copy
  • Built-in tracking: As potential customers land on your coupon pages, you’ll want to track their behaviors and measure how successful each page is at driving sales. Make sure that each page is designed with built-in tracking and connect this data to a dashboard where you can easily monitor page performance.
  • Reinforced value propositions: Along with the discount or deal you offer, you’ll also want to ensure that your coupon landing page reinforces the value your business offers. While discounts can effectively convince a customer to try your company, it takes more than just saving money for most customers to change brands. Focus on including key differentiators on the page alongside the discount.
  • Quality imagery: A poorly designed coupon can detract from your message. Stick to high-quality imagery and easy-to-read fonts. Use colors that match your business logo, and avoid making your coupon cluttered or difficult to read.

How to Create a Coupon Landing Page that Converts

Beyond the basic elements of a quality coupon landing page, creating a page that leads to conversions involves careful strategy. As you design your coupon landing pages, review the following tips to ensure that your page is optimized and ready to drive sales.

Create a Landing Page for Each Coupon

Too often, companies lump all their coupons onto one page. This is problematic for multiple reasons. For starters, this can be distracting. A customer might not know what action to take as they browse dozens of coupons that are unrelated. Secondly, it can lead to a poor user experience for the customer.

For example, let’s say that a Google Ad showcased your discount on winter tire services. A customer clicks on the ad and lands on a coupon page with dozens of coupons. They don’t immediately see the relevant winter special and leave the page. This is where an individual landing page could perform better. With singular landing pages for each coupon, you can drive highly targeted leads to each page. The experience is better for the customer, and the message is not lost in the noise.

In fact, according to our research, individual coupon landing pages can generate anywhere from an extra 40%-300% increase in site traffic to your coupon/offers pages.

Ensure the Page Loads Rapidly

The offer should load immediately when a customer clicks on an ad or a coupon page. When your page is slow to load, you’ll quickly lose customers. According to Google, there is a 10%-15% decrease in purchase rates for every extra second your site takes to load after 2.5 seconds.

Page load time is also one of the most critical variables that Google measures when determining which pages to serve in search results. So be sure to test your coupon page on multiple devices and browsers to ensure that it loads rapidly in any setting.

You can also use a tool, such as GTmetrix, to test the speed of your page. This tool will give you your page speed index and detailed load metrics and will even break down where bottlenecks might occur.

Make Conversion Easy

When you send a lead to a coupon landing page, you have one goal: convert that lead into a sale. To achieve this goal, you must make the conversion as easy and seamless as possible. Do not ask your customers to pick up a phone, make a call, mention a coupon, and schedule a service. Any extra step you require will lessen your chance of a sale.

Instead, make the conversion as simple as tapping a button. Make sure that your coupons can be stored in digital wallets, such as a Google Play or Apple Wallet, with one tap of the finger. Offer a quick print option or give your customers a way to automatically apply a coupon to their scheduled service.

The goal is to make it effortless for your customers to take advantage of the deal. Look for any roadblocks that might lead to a frustrating user experience, and optimize your page for fast, easy conversions.

Coupon landing page from one of J&L Marketing’s clients

Keep It Up-to-Date

If you plan to run coupon pages, you need to commit to keeping them up-to-date. There is no worse look for your business than having a customer land on a coupon page only to see that the coupon has expired or is seasonally inappropriate.

Make sure to continually update coupon landing pages with new, relevant offers. Immediately remove expired coupons from your website and redirect old pages to new offers. Be sure to check up on the ads you are running and sunset offers as you implement new ones.

Test and Adjust

When you build individual coupon landing pages, you can track metrics in a powerful and focused way. Each coupon landing page will provide you with a wealth of information. Be sure to run a variety of coupon types simultaneously and track which ones are performing the best.

Look at where you are losing customers and track which actions they take the most. This will help you create landing pages customized to your specific target audience’s behaviors. For example, if you notice that most of your customers prefer to clip your coupon into a digital wallet, you know to highlight this feature prominently in the future. Likewise, if you discover that your customers rarely use your click-to-call button and instead scroll to find an online scheduling tool, you might change the order of your page around.

Build Custom Coupon Landing Pages with J&L Marketing

If you are ready to win new leads and drive increased sales, talk to our team at J&L Marketing. We have years of experience helping service businesses design custom coupon landing pages that deliver real results. We can work with you to not only build your coupon landing pages, but we can also help you craft the copy for your ads, design the style of the coupon, and integrate it all with compelling calls to action. Reach out for a consultation today and discover the power of coupon pages.

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