Coupon Landing Pages

Home owners are spending more time upgrading and improving their homes than ever. Now is a great time to set your business apart by promoting your offers and coupons. Our landing pages dramatically improve Google Search results for your individual offers. 

Key Features

  • Main Offer landing page that links to 5 individual offer landing pages.
  • Variety of Calls to Action including Click to Call, Schedule Apt, Apple/Google Pay and Text.
  • Monthly reporting and access to a real time dashboard that tracks every aspect of our services, including call and text tracking.
  • Additional promotion of business value propositions

Code Injected Pages

Our code injected pages are far superior to the industry standard iframed pages.

They load faster, perform better and are visible by search bots so you get the credit for the clicks and traffic.

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Button Integrations

We use click to call mobile friendly links as well as fully integrated scheduling links to your online service scheduler.

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Google Pay/Apple Wallet

We simplify the purchase process by using the latest technology trends.

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Variety of Action Buttons

By providing a variety of call to actions we allow the customer to engage on their terms and still capture the lead.

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Home Service Industry Strategies

Code Injection Technology

As a Home Service contractor its important to recognize that your customers may be searching for your services at all hours of the day and night. Google suggests that there is a 10-15% decrease in purchase rate for every extra second the site takes to load after 2.5 seconds.

Significantly Faster

Page load time is one of the most important variables Google tracks when serving up search results. Our pages present content to your shoppers much faster.

Remote Access and Control

Our code injection content management system allows us to update your ads across multiple locations very quickly. This allows us to manage coupons and offers quickly while tracking the results.

Organic Content

Iframe technology doesn’t allow Google to see the content of the page so it has little SEO value. Our injected page is treated like any other page on your site so you can see the metrics in GA.

Each coupon has a Landing Page

The benefit to each coupon having its own landing page is enormous. In our research we found that these types of landing pages can generate anywhere from an extra 40-300% increase in site traffic to your coupon/offers pages.  

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