Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing enables you to target individuals with personalized messages. This can help you build meaningful relationships with your customers. It can also improve response rates for marketing campaigns. Email marketing is prone to over saturation if used improperly. 

At J&L Marketing we use email marketing as one of several channels in our Omni-Channel approach. It can be used very effectively to ensure existing and previous customer retention.  

Email Campaign Examples

Designed For Discovery

Email Campaigns are affordable and effective. They can generate a quick response from customers who are looking for the service being offered.  

Google Properties

Tracking the effectiveness of email campaigns is easy. It can also demonstrate how often campaigns can be sent without reducing the results.  

Benefits of email Marketing


Personalized content is the most beneficial aspect of email marketing. You can customize your message to the exact needs of your customer.

ROI is a key aspect of any marketing campaign and email marketing continues to ensure strong return on investment.

Customer Retention can be a difficult to maintain. Email marketing allows you to offer specific deals to targeted customers.


Spam Filter can prove difficult to navigate, J&L Marketing has partnered with the best in the industry to ensure high deliverability and exceptional open rates.

White Noise: There are so many businesses and fraudulent groups sending emails many consumers aren’t

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