Case Study: Post Warranty Defection

We teamed up with a BMW Dealer to combat their digital marketing problem areas with specific challenges outlined below:

Issue #1: High Post Warranty Defection Rate

Understanding the different strategies dealers can utilize with service offers is top priority for increasing profits.

Issue #2: Low Billable Hours

How dealers market offers goes hand-in-hand with how you target specific service offers for your customers.

Issue #3: Low Repair Orders

Dealers need a plan to track the conversions of their marketed offers in order to know what works best.

Issue #4: Low Competitive Strategy

Increasing the quantity and quality of customer experiences with the use of service offers should be the ultimate goal for dealerships.

Marketing Target

Our goal was to dramatically improve direct, organic, and referral traffic for service offer pages using a dealers database of customers.

There are several thousand searches in your area for specific service offers from oil change, to tire rotation and brakes. Studies show that drivers believe dealers offer high quality service, but at a high price. They see independent shops as more convenient and more reasonably priced.

The Strategy

Studies show that drivers believe dealers offer high quality service, but at a high price. They see independent shops as more convenient and believe they are more reasonably priced. By carefully analyzing the social, economic, and technological forces affecting dealer service, we discovered a few important trends. These trends were discovered by the implementation of four key strategies outlined below:


The three key trends we discovered include:
1. Search is the first place drivers turn to when they need information quickly and nearly 25% of all automotive searches are parts, service, and maintenance related.
2. Only 30% of total service visits occur at a dealership and only 17% of dealership service visits occur at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased. -Maintenance and Repair Study
3. Though drivers turn to online sources for service options, most dealer websites are sales focused and not designed for service.

“I would absolutely reccomend this solution to other BMW dealers looking to make an improvement in their current aftersales advertising plan.”

 Service Director, BMW dealership

Previous Digital Service Strategy

Situation: Dealer was actively using all the tools typically available to them effectively including their service offer landing pages provided by the website vendor. 

J&L Marketing Service Strategy

Situation: We understand the traditional tools provided to a dealer to help increase the flow of traffic to a service department are not adequate. So we have developed in-house technology that enables dealers to gain more traffic and increase scheduled service appointments

Average Increase Across All Dealers

By utilizing online and offline (DMS) data, we were able to digitally target current and potential service customers with highly specified ads that led to a streamlined scheduling experience – all while staying below the prior agency’s ad spend!

After just one month, our Service Combat Strategy significantly outperformed the prior agency’s results.

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