Case Study: Service Offer Landing Pages

We teamed up with Herb Chambers BMW of Boston, Honda in Boston, and BMW of Sudbury to help with specific challenges outlined below:

Issue#1: Low Usage of Offers

Understanding the different strategies dealers can utilize with service offers is top priority for increasing profits.

Issue#2: Low Billable Hours

How dealers market offers goes hand-in-hand with how you target specific service offers for your customers.

Issue#3: Low Repair Orders

Our dealers need a plan to track the conversions of their marketed offers in order to know what works best.

Issue#4: No Competitive Strategy

Increasing the quantity and quality of customer experiences with the use of service offers should be the ultimate goal for dealerships.

Marketing Target

Our goal was to dramatically improve direct, organic, and referral traffic for service offer pages using a dealers database of customers.

There are several thousand searches in your area for specific service offers from oil change, to tire rotation and brakes. Studies show that drivers believe dealers offer high quality service, but at a high price. They see independent shops as more convenient and more reasonably priced.

The Strategy

Leverage available technology and known search algorithm attributes to capture as much organic, referral, and paid website traffic as possible. This is accomplished by creating langing pages on a dealer’s website with content and offers that are visible and searchable by Google and other search engines. In order to achieve this we employ the following four tactics: 


Within two months, we were already seeing results at the dealership. In just their second month running our digital program, they set a record for most vehicles sold in one month. The additional months that followed were also strong, exceeding sales volume for the months prior to launching. Gates Honda had never sold more than 100 vehicles in a month. They broke that record within the first month of partnering with us. In fact, they’ve sold mor than 100 vehicles every month since and continue to see results.

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“We wanted to develop a strategy that outperformed the dealership’s current strategy - without spending more than competitors.”

BMW of Boston

Situation: Accomplished an 11% increase in Click Through Rate and secured an additional 41 service appointments. 

Honda of Boston

Situation: Secured an additional 38 scheduled service appointments and increased the numbers of calls by 64. 

BMW of Sudbury

Situation: Had a dramatic decrease in average CPC which allowed the budgets to get more results. We increased scheduled service by 36 per month.

Average Increase Across All Dealers

In this study we evaluated three types of traffic to a website.

This dealership realized significant results using J&L’s Service Combat Strategy. A 71% increase in scheduled service appointments means a significant amount of revenue for the dealership not just in initial visits but follow up visits and future service appointments. 

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