MCC 81 What’s New with Client Relationship Management – an Interview with Steve Roessler


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 81 of the move crush count podcast.

In this episode, Steve Roessler and I discuss using your CRM to get more business.

So, if you want to close a higher percentage of leads, make more money per sale, and retain more clients so you can use your CRM more effectively to grow business faster, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Steve Roessler’s first major breakthrough with client relationship management (and what you can learn from it to reach your own success)
  • How the world of client relationship management software is different now than when Steve Roessler got started (and what that means for you with using your CRM to get more business)
  • What exactly using your CRM software to get more business is all about and how it’s made an impact on every business leader’s ability to get results
  • How Steve Roessler’s discoveries are newer and better than anything else available for client relationship management software options (and why every business leader should switch over to this new way ASAP)
  • Specific client relationship management developments Steve Roessler sees on the immediate horizon (and how you can take an almost unfair advantage over your competitors)
  • Where the big opportunities are in client relationship management that most business leaders are missing
  • The big challenges in client relationship management right now (and how a new idea and a shift in your thinking transforms those challenges into instant opportunities)

Client Retention Links & Mentions from This Episode:

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Steve Roessler

Steve is an expert in client relationship management whose accomplishments include:

  • Chief Evangelist Officer at DriveCentric
  • Former Director of Marketing at Progressive Medical Inc.
  • Former Director of Business Development at DynaLabs
  • Enjoys presenting on topics such as “70% Engagement Strategies”, “Personalized Video to Humanize the Customer Experience”, and “GIF Culture – Less is More Strategy”
  • Expert on the topics of CRM effectiveness, and the client experience through texting and personalized video
  • AWA Best Speaker Award 2022
  • #2 Most Popular Speaking Session NADA 2021
  • Creator of Video GaGa
  • I’m the #LivewithDrive Guy!

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