MCC 76 How Experts Monetize Small Audiences


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 76 of move crush count.

In this episode, Ina Coveney and I discuss monetizing small audiences.

So, if you want to get clients fast, get to know your audience when nobody engages with your posts, and build better relationships with your audience so you can create opportunities for engagement that convert to sales, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Ina Coveney’s first major small audience breakthrough with lead generation (and what you can learn from it to reach your own success)
  • How the world of lead generation with small audiences is different (and what that means for you with monetizing small audiences)
  • Why Ina Coveney’s discoveries are newer and so effective in getting clients fast with small audiences (and why every business leader should pay attention NOW)
  • Specific lead generation developments Ina Coveney sees on the immediate horizon (and how you can take an almost unfair advantage over your competitors)
  • Where the big opportunities are in getting clients first that most business leaders are missing
  • Specific overlooked opportunities in lead generation right now that can help you with monetizing small audiences in ways you might never dream of (and we’ll pull back the curtains)
  • The big challenges in lead generation right now (and how a new idea and a shift in your thinking transforms those challenges into instant opportunities)

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Ina Coveney

  • Ina Coveney (pronounced “ee-na”)
  • Founder of The Global Phenomenon
  • Business Coach specializing in monetizing tiny audiences
  • Helps small businesses and coaches get clients BEFORE they spend all their time and money trying to grow an audience online
  • Founder and CEO of Ina Nutshell LLC
  • Lead Generation Expert
  • Host of The Global Phenomenon podcast
  • Ina’s signature program GET CLIENTS FIRST helps online coaches start their businesses by getting clients first, rather than spending weeks and months investing in programs that were not appropriate for their stage in business, to begin with
  • Featured on NBC News, USA Today,, PodFest, Change Creator Magazine, and podcasts She’s Making an Impact, She Breaks Thru, and PodQueens Latinas
  • Featured speaker in General Assembly tech and business panels nationwide
  • Four-time podcaster on the topic of business

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