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MCC 75 6 Steps to Change Management Success


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 75 of move crush count.

In this episode, Esther Weinberg and I discuss new change management strategies that produce better results.

So, if you want to develop better leadership, elevate employee performance and productivity, retain valuable employees, and get everyone rowing in the same direction during times of change, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why Esther Weinberg’s background, education, and experience in change management make her the perfect teacher for new change management strategies that produce better results.
  • The FIRST step business leaders need to take with change management (and why it’s critical that this is the first step).
  • The SECOND step business leaders need to take with change management (and how to get “unstuck” if you run into problems).
  • The THIRD critical step business leaders need to take with change management.
  • Steps Four through Six on change management you need to know to get everyone rowing in the same direction during times of change.
  • How to develop the perfect mindset every business leader must have about change management that virtually guarantees success.
  • The apps, websites, and offline tools for change management that business leaders can’t live without.
  • Which change management tools and resources Esther Weinberg thinks are obsolete (and which ones to use instead).
  • Where business leaders are wasting a lot of time in change management (and the one activity you MUST prioritize above all others).
  • The big challenges in change management and new change management strategies that produce better results right now (and how to overcome them).

Change Management Links & Mentions From This Episode: and

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Esther Weinberg

Esther is an expert in change management whose accomplishments include:

  • Founder of The Ready Zone – equips leaders in high-growth industries with strategies to assist companies through planning and executing reorganizations; moving employees from exhaustion to empowered, innovative, and driven; organizations struggling with creating a workforce that is diverse, equitable, inclusive where all people feel that they belong; and implementing clear priorities and strategies for growing a strongly aligned hybrid and global workforce.
  • 20 years of experience assisting clients in growing, scaling, and thriving during the worst and best of times
  • Clients include Netflix, NBCUniversal, Microsoft, Warner Bros. Discovery, CNN, Adobe, Disney, IMAX, and Sony.
  • A valued contributor to the Forbes Coaches Council.
  • Corporate exec holding positions at Disney and Fox and have stood in the shoes of C-Suite executives as an interim CEO and leader at numerous organizations.
  • Author of the eBook “Better Leaders. Better People. Better Results”.
  • Expert at helping leaders facing times of profound change lead their teams and themselves more successfully.
  • Expert at helping senior executives struggling with group cohesion and alignment in a hybrid work environment.
  • Expert at helping CEOs grow a global workforce in alignment with their organization’s culture

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