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Mastering Lead Generation and Ad Performance with Paul Cassimus


Episode Description

Join host Jamil Zabaneh as he dives into the world of online marketing with Paul Cassimus, founder of Brainwake Consulting, on this episode of Digital Marketing Domination. Discover strategies for optimizing Facebook and TikTok ads, the importance of offering compelling and tailored offers, and how to leverage tools like ChatGPT, Loom, and GoHighLevel for efficient lead generation.

Paul shares his expertise on creating successful ad campaigns, including analyzing ad performance metrics such as CPM, CTR, click cost, and lead cost. Learn how to use Facebook Ads Library and TikTok’s unique hashtag targeting to gain a competitive edge. Explore the significance of crafting TikTok style video ads for multiple platforms, and understand the nuances of TikTok’s geographical limitations and content trends.

Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just stepping into the world of online advertising, this episode is packed with expert tips and knowledge to help you dominate your digital marketing efforts. Tune in now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your favorite podcast platform!

Paul Cassimus

Paul Cassimus is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 12 years of business experience. He launched his entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with a successful popsicle business, which he ran for six years. In 2018, Paul transitioned into the world of online marketing, starting as a freelancer focused on social media advising and content creation. He quickly discovered a passion for paid advertising, leading him to specialize in this area and eventually build out a dedicated team. Today, Paul continues to thrive in the online marketing space, leveraging his expertise to drive impactful results.

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