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Leveraging CTV and OTT Advertising for B2B Success with Matthew Sciannella


Episode Description

In this episode of Digital Marketing Domination, host Jamil Zabaneh welcomes Matthew Sciannella, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Refine Labs. They explore groundbreaking B2B marketing strategies, including the use of Simplify for CTV advertising, leveraging OTT platforms and social media to enhance brand presence and the power of repurposing video content.

Gain insights into effective ad targeting on LinkedIn, including demographic layering and account-based capabilities. Learn about industry CPMs and why LinkedIn excels in B2B tech advertising. Matthew also discusses the critical role of content and data infrastructure and the importance of personal branding in big-ticket B2B sales.

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Matthew Sciannella

Matthew Sciannella began his marketing career in the welding industry, initially working in construction and dabbling in marketing while serving as a technical writer. His journey quickly progressed into the B2B sector, where he took on a key role in marketing for a $30 million hardware company. Here, Matthew managed comprehensive marketing strategies for products like welding guns, robotics, and laser optics, also gaining valuable experience in paid media. This multifaceted role allowed him to oversee all marketing operations and significantly shaped his professional path.

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