Building a Thriving Ecommerce Presence: Insights from Jennifer Peters


Episode Description

Dive into the dynamic world of eCommerce with Jennifer Peters, senior manager at OLLY, on this insightful episode of Digital Marketing Domination. Hosted by Jamil Zabaneh, this episode explores Jennifer’s journey from traditional retail to mastering the digital landscape. Discover OLLY’s omnichannel strategy that navigated the COVID-induced eCommerce surge and post-pandemic market corrections. Uncover how brands like OLLY grow by harmonizing direct-to-consumer and brick-and-mortar channels without compromise. Jennifer shares valuable tips for budding eCommerce ventures, from platform selection to the vital balance between upper and lower funnel spending to drive growth. Tune in for a deep dive into customer engagement, the use of first-party data for sentiment analysis, and staying ahead in the fast-paced world of eCommerce while ensuring ADA web accessibility. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or industry enthusiast, this episode offers actionable insights for anyone looking to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Jennifer Peters

Jennifer Peters is the Senior Manager of eCommerce at OLLY, where she applies her vast experience in marketing and technology to drive the company’s online presence. Her career transitioned from traditional retail to digital at Coaxbury in 2010, and she further developed her skillset by learning front-end development at an IoT startup and later, building ecommerce experiences at an agency. At OLLY, known for its premium nutrition products, Jennifer adeptly managed the eCommerce boom during COVID-19 and the subsequent shift towards an integrated omnichannel strategy. She is a proponent of balanced marketing efforts across the customer journey and is committed to deeply understanding customer behavior through research and data analysis. Jennifer’s focus on leveraging first-party data, AI, and ensuring ADA-friendly website design underscores her dedication to an evolving, customer-centric eCommerce landscape. Her insights into digital marketing make her a valuable voice in our podcast, Digital Marketing Domination.

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