7 Important Best Practices for Google My Business Posts

Google My Business is a remarkably powerful tool. In research performed by Statista, it was identified that 84% of customer searches for businesses are discovery. This means that the majority of the time when customers are looking for a business or service, they will search by a keyword and discover businesses near them via Google My Business listings.

With the bulk of consumers locating businesses via discovery, it becomes increasingly critical for companies to ensure not only that they have an up-to-date Google My Business listing, but also that they are actively posting to this platform.

Google My Business posts are a zero-cost initiative that can lead to immediate conversions. However, as is true with any posting strategy, the content has to be meaningful and driven by a clear-cut game plan.

For businesses looking to improve their Google My Business presence, the following piece will outline key best practices for posting to this platform, complete with examples demonstrating these tips in action.

The result is that your business should feel equipped to improve your Google My Business strategy this year.

1. Implement a Clear Call to Action

Most of the time, when potential customers interact with your Google My Business page, it is because they were searching for a specific service or product. For example, they may have been looking for a car dealership near them.

For this reason, when they see your Google My Business page listing, they should find information focused on converting them to either visit your brick-and-mortar location or to contact you for further information.

Any post you create should, therefore, have a clear call to action. It doesn’t need to be complex. It can be as simple as a “call now” button or a “schedule an appointment” form. In the two examples below, one post doesn’t have a clear, concise call to action, and one does.

Example 1: Summer is just around the corner. If you’re looking for a new set of wheels for summer road trips, we have you covered!

Example 2: Summer is just around the corner. Are you looking for a new set of wheels for your next road trip? Call our team today!

While the copy in the two examples is nearly identical, one asks the reader to take an action, while the other simply provides information.

No matter what service or product your business offers, a clear call to action is a must. Whatever your call to action is, the consumer can quickly perform that action without any friction.

2. Add Images

Blocks of text are not nearly as eye-catching as colorful images. Whenever possible, add an image to your Google My Business posting. This simple step can make a huge difference in the attention your post gets.

Not only should you add an image to your post, but you should also use images from your store, showroom, or your products. Stock images are fine in a pinch, but personalized photos are a better way to build brand awareness.

Check out the difference an image makes for the following post.


Without an image of the vehicle in this post, the copy would fall flat. People want a visual representation of what you are saying.

3. Showcase Events

One of the great features of Google My Business postings is that you can feature upcoming events. Whether you are hosting an in-person or virtual event, don’t miss out on the opportunity to promote your event via your Google My Business listing.

This can be powerful for converting those who are in the early research stages into purchasing your product or service.

For example, imagine that a customer was searching for a local Nissan dealership. The customer was hoping to simply check out a few prices online and had started research when the following Google My Business posting showed up:

Example: Mark your calendars! On May 10, we will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary with a HUGE sales event. You won’t want to miss these terrific deals. Sign up today.

This customer who was in the early consideration stages decided to attend the event as it was right up the street. While there, the customer talked with a salesperson who answered questions about the latest Nissan Rogue. In fact, the customer felt so at ease that a test drive quickly progressed the purchase journey from early research to ready to buy.

4. Track Analytics

Built within Google My Business is the ability to track the analytics of your posts. This is important to ensure that you focus your efforts on the right post types and the right content formats.

For example, let’s say that you ran an event promotional post for a week with a call to action asking users to sign up for the event.

The next week, you ran the same promotional post with a different call to action, this time inviting people to head to your website to learn more about the event.

By tracking which post was more successful at converting views to clicks, you could understand the most meaningful strategy for your business to take.

Tracking analytics should be an ongoing process, as what worked today might not be the most effective tactic tomorrow.

5. Be Consistent

As is true with any content platform, consistency is key with Google My Business postings. Rather than simply posting sporadically to your account, build out a robust content calendar that includes the following:

  • Upcoming events throughout the year
  • Key promotions, such as seasonal sales
  • Community connection posts that highlight your involvement in the local community
  • Celebration of holidays
  • Links to website or blog content

The following are all examples of post types you might schedule throughout the year.

Example 1: Don’t forget! Next week is our annual President’s Day Sales event. Stop by to find the perfect mattress at a discounted price. Learn more today!

Example 2: It’s spring, which means that all women’s haircuts are 10% off. This deal runs through the end of April, so schedule an appointment to freshen your style today. Book now!

Example 3: Did you know our team spends one day every year volunteering in the local community? Check out our recap of the day we spent with the heroes at the local food bank. Read the story here!

Example 4: Happy 4th of July! From our family to yours, we hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the freedom we know and love. Check out our Veteran’s discount in honor of those who have served. Learn more!

Example 5: At Springfield Toyota, we believe in helping our customers learn how to tackle everyday vehicle maintenance tasks. Check out our recent post where we explain how to top off important fluids in your car. Read more!

6. Be Personal

Similar to social media strategies, Google My Business postings should include enough personalization to create a connection between your customers and your brand. While it is important to keep controversial topics such as politics or religion out of your postings, it is meaningful to allow your brand’s personality shine through.

This can be as simple as showcasing top employees each month, posting photos of your staff enjoying their hobbies, or adding a little humor to your posts.

For example, check out the following two Google My Business post examples, one with personalization and one without.

Example 1: It’s spring, which means it’s time to start planting those gardens. Talk to our team today about your landscaping needs. Call now!

Example 2: It’s spring, which means we are all starting to plant our gardens. Check out this picture of our owner Frank’s personal garden, a true inspiration to us all! Talk to our team today about your landscaping needs this spring. Call now!

Something as simple as putting a name to your brand can go a long way in building a relationship with customers. This creates loyalty that translates to increased sales.

7. Fold Into a Holistic Marketing Strategy

Google My Business posts are an excellent way to reach an audience that is likely already searching for your services or products. However, when these posts stand alone, they are not enough to build true brand loyalty or to convert the optimal number of sales.

Google My Business posts should fold into a holistic marketing strategy. Their performance should be constantly analyzed, and the data gathered should be fed into a greater digital marketing plan.

This will ensure that customers who interact with your Google My Business listing are also being reached through other channels such as social media, email marketing, and SMS marketing strategies.

For example, if your business were to promote a sales event on your Google My Business page, the same messaging should be showcased across social media platforms, paid ads, and email marketing strategies.

For customers who click through to sign up or get more information about your sales event, there should be direct follow-up and engagement.

Partner With J&L Marketing to Fuel Your Google Listing

While Google My Business makes it easy for business owners or marketing managers to create and schedule posts, sometimes partnering with a marketing team is key. For business owners who don’t have the time or the expertise to create a holistic Google My Business post strategy that ties into a greater digital marketing tactic, talking with an experienced team can be instrumental to the platform’s success.

J&L Marketing has years of industry experience assisting clients with creating a meaningful Google My Business strategy. We do not simply curate content for a single platform, but rather, we help you identify the best overarching strategy for your brand. Additionally, we work with you to ensure that you are gathering critical data along the way and tying that data into a centralized platform to create a robust knowledge of who your customers are.

The result is that you can harness the significant power of discovery through search while ensuring that your messaging remains consistent and clear. Talk to our team today about powering your brand forward with the right Google My Business strategy.

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