Case Study: How We helped Tom Drexler Double Revenue

Our partners are exploring ways to increase service appointments and increase revenue through specific challenges outlined below:

Issue#1: New Markets

Establishing brand recognition in new markets is incredibily challenging and expensive, so that’s where we started

Issue#2: Securing Market Share

Maintaining market share while entering new markets without diluting budgets.

Issue#3: Low Lead Count

In order to generate enough revenue to fund the expansion lead counts would need a significant boost.

Issue#4: Competitive Strategy

Identifying new competitors, estab-lishing benchmarks and strategies on how to outperform competitors.

Marketing Target

Our goal was to dramatically increase all levels of traffic from direct, organic, referral and paid sources to specials pages and general site traffic.

There are several thousand searches each day for specific home services. Many times, these customers are in immediate need while others are planning for work in the future. Being able to market to each audience, depending on the nature of their need, is critical to achieve the gains we were looking for.

The Strategy

In order to enter new markets while maintaining existing market share, we determined that multi-tiered approach would work best where we improved lead count through a multi-channel approach to deliver targeted ads to specific customers.


Tom Drexler is one of our most successful case studies to date. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and all the market forces coming to bear down on us during that time we were able to achieve amazing results. In a very short period of time, we were able to generate a siginificant increase in lead count while dramatically reducing the percentage of revenue spent on marketing.

Average Monthly Lead Count Up 78%

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