The Ultimate Marketing Experience

J&L Marketing out-performs and out-smarts the competition.  Our superior results are a product of deep data, superior campaign structures, industry-leading partnerships, and powerful performance! Let us Out-Smart your competition so you don’t have to Out-Spend them!

We are your partner for all of your Sales and After-Sales marketing solutions, providing you with the Ultimate Marketing Experience.

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Deep Data

Deep Data Integration identifies who we target, when the right time is, and how we motivate them to respond. Customer data is a business’ most valuable asset. J&L Marketing provides our clients with strategy and tools to effectively use their customer data to consistently increase sales and customer retention. Our Premier Partnerships support and provide invaluable data to drive deep strategies. 

  • Complete online analysis to discover exactly what your competition is advertising 
  • Target previous customers on Google paid search, even when they don’t search for your dealership or your brand 
  • Win back inactive customers on Facebook, Gmail and on over 2 million websites 
  • Utilize the most advanced audience targeting methods to deliver higher quality leads 
  • Dynamic data-driven programmatic campaigns 

Data is protected and backed by a $10 million cyber liability insurance 

Campaign Structure

Our unique Omni-Channel approach aggressively targets your audiences across multiple platforms, screens, and experiences. Our campaign structure enables us to make adjustments to specific keyword sets to more efficiently use your marketing dollars. From new to used, specific models, or geo targets, we ensure each campaign is optimized to deliver maximum results with maximum efficiency

  • The most comprehensive paid search, display and social advertising strategy persuades more customers at a lower cost per conversion 
  • Utilize dynamic search and display advertising for higher click through rates at a lower cost 
  • Reach consumers during critical decision-making moments 
  • Improve your customer’s experience by making it easier and faster to call you, text you and email 
  • Leverage the power of video to engage consumers with sight, sound, and emotion.  Drive stronger awareness, call to actions, and overall brand equity. 
  • Persuade consumers with highly relevant and effective ad copy 

Attack and Defend

Our Attack and Defend Digital System is the absolute best way to own your market and increase opportunities: ATTACKING new sales opportunities in the market and DEFENDING your previous customers from the onslaught of competitors’ advertisements. We out-smart your competition by segmenting your target audience, efficiently and effectively utilizing your marketing budget. 

Premier Partnerships

J&L Marketing has been recognized as a 2022 Google Premier Partner. The strategies we implement have helped us achieve this long-term goal. Each of our partners serves a strategic purpose, but they all revolve around one thought: They help us help you! 

  • Google Premier 
  • CDK Global 
  • IHS Polk 
  • Meta Partnership  
  • Reynolds and Reynolds 

Powerful Performance

Deep Data and an Omni-Channel Strategy are crucial to success.  Equally important are the optimizations, strategy flexibility, and budget reallocations provided by experts. J&L provides industry expert Google Certified Analysts who know your business and live your campaigns, providing the truly hands-on human interactions needed to make the data perform! 

  • Google Ads Certified Digital Marketing Analysts allow you to effortlessly optimize your digital marketing strategy and results 
  • Weekly touch point email, ensuring a unified partnership and approach with constant formative assessment 
  • Continuously monitors your competition so you can frequently enhance your strategy 
  • Monthly optimization meetings 
  • Have confidence your digital marketing produces a high ROI with a 24/7 real-time online dashboard 

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