How Artificial Intelligence Can Take Your Dealership to the Next Level

Have you noticed when you’re on Amazon that it seems like they know what you want before you know you want it?

This is an example of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We see it daily between the music we listen to on our phone’s apps, our savvy phone assistants like Siri, and the occasional Tesla we spot out on the road.

To break it down, AI comes from the production of machines that have special algorithms that collect big chunks of data, then analyze that data to come out making predictions.

This program can optimize your digital marketing, customer experience, and your budget—all while reducing human error and saving time!

Advance Your Digital Marketing

With AI, you would be enhancing your digital marketing by using AI to know exactly what car buyers want. This machine learning can predict consumer behavior and analyze that data to aid in marketing activities.

This assures that the correct messages reach the right people at the right time. As a result, AI will help drive traffic to your website – leading to more showroom visits!

Its adaptable nature makes it a true business advantage.

One of the most beneficial parts is the capability of analyzing search patterns to lead dealers like you where they should focus their efforts the most.

Another form of AI is bots, which have access to unlimited data through the internet to assist both employees and car buyers through customer service. By 2020, chatbots will power 85% of customer service. They are useful for sending emails, customer chatroom assistance, and knowing where the customer will turn next!

These are just a few of the many ways that your marketing will advance to the next level.

Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

As customers, finding what we’re looking for wasn’t always easy and quick—there was a time not too long ago when we would spend copious amounts of time just to find one product.

With today’s technology, the shopping experience has flipped to giving consumers more control through the shopping process and showing them what they prefer.

Identifying trends and efficiently predicting common reactions and responses from customers is what AI can do. Dealers like you are giving their car shoppers the best experience possible by understanding them on an individual level.

This digital marketing tool allows a personalized customer experience by giving consumers what is relevant to them. This is done by the algorithms sorting through previous search history from the customer on the website and showing them their preferences.

This simple process prevents car buyers from endlessly scrolling and searching for what they need. Consumers want a quick, easy, and convenient experience down to the last step: making the purchase. Giving a customer a personalized experience gives them more control throughout the shopping process, and that’s what they want!

Optimize Your Budget

As we all know, the market can see frequent changes and with changes, there must be adjustments. With the help of machine learning, your data analyst will have the ability to do more than they ever have before.

The additional information that comes in through the program can only lead your campaigns to be more effective. There’s no wasted time on waiting periods from delays because the program immediately picks up on the changes.

From everything AI offers, it can easily make and save your dealership money, as well as lead your business to break records in sales!

Taking it to the Next Level

Artificial intelligence primarily does the work that an employee would: breaking down data, developing a plan, and working out problems to keep your dealership one step ahead of the competition.

By taking advantage of it, your dealership will have more control over the campaigns. There’s enough flexibility to quickly and simply adjust what is needed according to the day’s performance. With that adjustability comes getting the absolute most out of your marketing and budget!

It delivers quicker, better, and more results… for less.

This is a tool that dealers like you are taking advantage of in order to stand out from competing dealerships.

Learn what it can do for your digital marketing, how satisfied your car shoppers will be, and how it will reduce your budget spending!

If you want us to show you how to effectively increase your brand awareness and sales, you can reach out to us at or just schedule a meeting.
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