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We Help You Win With Data Analytics

Dealers who use our data analytics see higher response and conversion rates, and ultimately gain a higher ROI.

Our data analytics team studies raw data and provides information that we use to draw conclusions about that data.

These conclusions provide actionable insight into the customers our dealers should be targeting. We can analyze and segment each market in order to get the right message to the right person at the right time to yield the most conversions.


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Track and Identify Best Practices

We are the best at identifying what works for dealers.

This allows us to consistently innovate our campaigns so you can get results time and time again.

By implementing the best data analytics into each of our products, we’re able to provide our dealers with the results they want and the sales they need.

Decisions Are Based On Data

We don’t have problems producing results because our actions are always based on data – and the data doesn’t lie. We track, test, and measure every variable of every campaign, product, or tool to make sure we get the best results possible every time.

Identify In-Market Vehicle Shoppers

We’re able to look at a longer history of sales and service transactions than any other marketing agency. This, combined with our 27 years of marketing data that we’ve collected over the years helps us identify in-market vehicle shoppers who are more like to respond to our marketing.

This means your won’t waste money marketing to people who aren’t ready to buy yet – and you’ll protect your database from oversaturation.

Additionally, our conquest marketing approach is consistently produces better results so we can provide you with the most advanced data list.


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