Increase RO Count

Our service events have been proven over our 30+ years of experience in the automotive industry. We strive to dramatically boost RO count and profitability. Each event has a dedicated team to monitor and ensure each event performs to its maximum capability.

1. Add new customers
2. Increase Customer Pay revenue
3. Sell Cars
4. Win back at risk and inactive customers
5. Works with OEM service reminder programs

What to expect!

Improvement in Customer Pay
80 %
Avg Customer Pay per RO
$ 550
Avg Recall Completions per Dealer

Service Data That Delivers

Data is the most important aspect of running a successful service event. We utilize service and sales data extracted from your DMS. We pair your DMS data with in-market buyer data and local market data we collect.

Together this data enables us to recommend specific strategies for your event that will deliver the best results.

Automotive Fixed Operations

Proven Strategy

We deliver vehicle specific marketing messages to the right customer at the right time. We identify the most efficient and effective marketing channels for each customer based on previous marketing consumption behavior and likelihood to engage. Our Omni-channel approach ensure that there is no mixed messages, each ad is personalized and served in the time it will most likely be responded to. We use the following marketing channels:

Direct Mail


Social Media

Ringless Voicemail

Multi-Channel Approach

Each channel will direct customers to a personalized RSVP page where the customers can schedule their appointment. Each conversion will be contacted by our BDC to secure the appointment.

We do all the work for you

J&L takes care of every aspect of your event through our campaign management process. We strive to dramatically boost customer pay volume and profitability but also make sure it’s not a strain on you or your team. We provide a dedicated J&L team to monitor and ensure each event performs to its maximum capability and runs smoothly.

Advises on strategies to deliver the best results. They will also help with initial communication with the assigned Account and Event coordinators.

Will set up and manage all of the marketing associated with the event. They oversee the details regarding the mailer, digital and social marketing.

Ensures success on the day of the event. They arrive early to help coordinate the event with sales managers and staff. They will also help facilitate activities throughout the day.

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