The State of the Union in Automotive F&I


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 64 of the move. crush. count. podcast

In this episode, Jonathan Jordan and Scott Joseph discuss positioning yourself for the future while creating a better experience for employees and clients in the present.

So, if you want to achieve new levels of performance and efficiency, offer a convenient and flexible buying experience and encourage loyalty, and use new virtual skills to expand into new areas so you can succeed in virtual F&I, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

What major changes have you seen in F&I since you got started?
What are some subtle or gradual changes you’ve seen over that time that most people may have missed?
How would you characterize the “State of the Union” when it comes to F&I? Where are we right now?
Where are the big challenges right now?
Where are the big opportunities in F&I that many car dealers might be missing?
Where should people focus their efforts if they want to succeed in both the short and long term?
Where do you see car dealers making mistakes or missing the boat so to speak?
What major events or developments do you see in the immediate future for people when it comes to F&I?
What’s shaking things up right now?
What do you see on the long-term horizon for car dealers or F&I? Are any big shifts coming that we need to be aware of?
Where do you get your F&I news? How do you stay up-to-date without getting overloaded?
Where do you see car dealers wasting a lot of time in F&I?

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Jonathan Jordan

Jonathan Jordan is an expert in F&I:

* JM&A Group District Sales Strategy
* JM&A Group Manager of Sales Strategy
* JM&A Group Senior District Manager
* Pecheles Honda General Sales Manager
* Hendrick Automotive Group Financial Services Manager

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