Optimizing Email Campaigns: Best Practices from Chad White


Episode Description

In this episode of Digital Marketing Domination, host Jamil Zabaneh welcomes Chad White, a renowned email marketing expert and head of research at Oracle Digital Experience Agency. Chad shares his extensive knowledge on optimizing email strategies and delves into common misconceptions about engagement metrics. Uncover valuable insights on A/B testing, the significance of integrating email marketing into an omnichannel approach, and the latest trends in digital marketing. Whether you’re looking to enhance lead generation, boost engagement, or drive sales through strategic email campaigns, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you achieve email marketing success. Tune in to learn from one of the industry’s thought leaders and elevate your digital marketing efforts.

Chad White

Chad White is a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in the email marketing industry. Over the years, he has primarily focused on thought leadership, research, and content marketing. Currently, Chad holds a pivotal role at Oracle Digital Experience Agency, where he collaborates with a team of 100 consultants and experts. His responsibilities include developing insights on the latest trends in the field and addressing any queries that clients might have, ensuring that the team’s collective expertise is harnessed to deliver the best possible solutions.

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