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MCC 73 Mental Well Being Tips that Will 3X Your Revenue, Smash Limitations, and Create Your Greatest Reality


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 73 of move crush count.

In this episode, Jay H. Tepley and I discuss becoming a more powerful and elite version of yourself so you can propel your business forward and serve your people at the highest level.

So, if you want to…

  • Live a life of purpose and personal power
  • Learn the #1 critical trap that keeps you stuck on your quest for purpose
  • Step away from the grind and strife, from feeling like you’re living someone else’s life, while guilt and resentment keep building up
  • 3X your revenue, smash limitations and create your greatest reality, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Why mental well-being is a critical topic for business owners (and why they should pay attention)
  • Where Jay H. Tepley sees the opportunities right now for business owners when it comes to mental well-being
  • How Jay H. Tepley got started with mental well-being
  • What exactly mental well-being is all about and how does it help business owners with becoming a more powerful and elite version of themselves so you can propel your business forward and serve your people at the highest level
  • Why Jay H. Tepley wrote “The Unbreakable Entrepreneur” and how it can help you 3X your revenue, smash limitations, and create your greatest reality
  • Who else besides the obvious audience of business owners should read this book and why
  • What makes this book unique compared to all the other books out there on the topic of mental well-being
  • 5 hidden forces that may be holding you back from becoming who you were called to be
  • How fast Jay H. Tepley can help business owners just like you get better results by improving their mental well-being
  • Where the big challenges in mental well-being are right now and how this book helps business owners overcome those challenges
  • Where the big opportunities are in mental well-being that many business owners are missing
  • Where Jay H. Tepley sees business owners making mistakes or missing the boat with mental well-being (and how to get back on course immediately)

More Information

Learn more about how you can improve your results with mental well-being with and

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Jay H Tepley

Jay is an expert in mental well-being whose accomplishments include:

  • International Speaker
  • Author
  • Mentor
  • World Class Spiritual Evolution for Mission-Driven Men
  • Teaches how to integrate your spiritual aspects to 3X the revenue and leave an epic legacy
  • Founder and Mentor – Unbreakable Entrepreneur
  • Founder & Head Teacher – ARIYA Creed

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