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MCC 96 Leading Employees to Success: The Secret to Employee Engagement


Episode Description

Do you want to boost your team’s morale and efficiency? Are you tired of lackluster employee engagement and productivity? Look no further – Steven Turner has the solution to enhance your workforce’s motivation and output, leading to elevated company success and employee satisfaction.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the imperative nature of empathy in boosting employee engagement.
  • Unearth a winning formula to conquer the employee engagement challenge.
  • Propel your company’s progress by harnessing the power of employee relationships.
  • Grasp how nurturing individual growth can drive success in the workplace.
  • Create an environment that embraces open communication, paving the way for dynamic interactions.

Connect with Steven Here:

Steven Turner

Steve is COO of Beyond Resilience LLC and President of Flow Business Solution. He joined Beyond Resilience because his values and approaches to leading employees resonate with the objectives of Beyond Resilience.  “We have an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of business leadership throughout any organization.” Steve graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Business Administration.  This, along with his appreciation and respect for UPS, where he was on the management team while attending college, launched his business career on a leadership journey of success.
Steve has a proven 35-year career with UPS. He provided leadership in the diverse environments of Operations, Finance & Accounting, and Technology at District, Region, and Corporate levels. This included five years in Europe at the beginning of UPS’ global expansion, where he was a Finance Director with responsibilities in 10 countries. Upon his return to the USA, he moved into UPS Information Services leading groups that designed, built, and deployed UPS financial systems for worldwide use.

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