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MCC 79 Proven Ways To Turn Exhaustion Into Extraordinary – Eliminate Burnout!


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 79 of the move crush count.

In this episode, Dr. Sharon Grossman and I discuss managing stress, anxiety, and burnout so you can live an extraordinary life.

So, if you want to transform anxiety into resilience, increase productivity without feeling overwhelmed, and boost energy by shifting your mindset so you can to turn exhaustion into extraordinary, tune in now!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 RULE business leaders need to follow to successfully eliminate burnout
  • The most important RULE for managing stress, anxiety, and burnout so you can live an extraordinary life (no matter what your current level of achievement)
  • The cardinal RULE for eliminating burnout all business leaders need to follow when it comes to how to turn exhaustion into extraordinary
  • Several other critical RULES about eliminating burnout every business leader needs to know about
  • Specific eliminating burnout tools and resources Dr. Sharon Grossman thinks are the most important in today’s world (and how you can get access to them fast)
  • Specific rules to help business leaders save a lot of time in order to eliminate burnout (and avoid a lot of wasted effort)
  • The biggest rule Dr. Sharon Grossman ever broke as a business leader when it came to burnout (and how YOU can learn from that experience)

Eliminating Burnout Links & Mentions From This Episode: and

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Dr. Sharon Grossman

She is an expert in eliminating burnout whose accomplishments include:

  • Doctorate in Psychology from Fordham University
  • 20+ year track record
  • Trained in several evidence-based interventions
  • Expertise in burnout
  • Amazon bestselling author
  • Coaching hundreds of high achievers
  • Codebreaker Coach Certification

What Dr. Sharon Grossman’s Clients SAY:

  • “You changed my life and quite frankly, I feel like you very much saved it.”
  • “Holy cow- I am doing 1000% better- the best decision I have made in my career.”
  • “Not only did I feel a wave of release from past issues that had been following me for years, but I felt inspired to move forward toward reaching my goals with more confidence.”

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