MCC 61 David O’Brien – How to improve employee productivity


Episode Description

Welcome to Episode 61 of move. crush. count.


In this episode your host, Scott Joseph talks with Personal Learning & Development expert David O’Brien on how to increase productivity through continuous learning.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to improve employee training
  • How to improve employee productivity
  • How David O’Brien started Quantam 5 in 2020
  • What industries are evolving quickly in the digital age
  • What it means to allow learning/training to be flexible
  • Why people are quitting their jobs
  • How to motivate people to learn
  • How to increase employee engagement
  • How to retain good employees

More Information:

Learn more about how you can improve your digital and direct marketing ROI with fixed operations with

Learn more about Quantam 5 here:

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In this episode, David and Scott discuss how to increase productivity, professionalism through continuous learning. Tune in now!

David O'Brien

O’Brien is the founder and CEO of Quantam 5. Quantum⁵ wants to digitally transform the automotive buying experience by shifting to a lifetime value model versus the transactional model of the past. Using a social advocacy learning platform, Quantum⁵ delivers training on the key people skills and behavioral tactics needed to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world. Once the initial training process is completed, AI-driven analysis continues to support and improve performance results through personalized delivery skills training. All of this is supported by community managers who know automotive and are available to lead and support the team. The result? An advocacy program that builds lifetime value for customers and enables dealership staff to learn how they live. You can find out more about Quantum⁵ at

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