MCC 59 Dave Boyle – Secrets to Customer Retention Sucess


Episode Description

In the most recent episode of move. crush. count. host Scott Joseph is joined by Sandy Cerami and Client Retention expert Dave Boyle.

Dave has more than 25 years of automotive experience and is currently the President and CEO of Tire Profiles.

In this episode, Dave and Scott discuss selling tires to improve owner loyalty. So, if you want to increase your active customer base, increase the average transaction value, and increase how often people buy from you so you can grow your business, tune in now!

Dave Boyle

David Boyle brings more than 25 years of automotive experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer at TraXtion. In his role as President and Chief Executive Officer, David is directly responsible for all aspects of TraXtion’s North American business. Over his career, David has logged thousands of hours in dealerships across the U.S. and Canada and is a recognized industry authority on dealership fixed operations. Having been a senior executive for more than 20 years with two (MPI and Newgen) of the more successful automotive dealer suppliers, David is recognized as a successful operational leader in the automotive vendor arena. A little known fact about David is that before starting his business career he spent eight years as a full-time professional race car driver, which he credits for his affinity for cars and his eventual decision to make a career in the automotive industry.

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