MCC 11: Breaking the Mold: Why Marketing Isn’t One Size Fits All


Episode Description

Today we have a special guest joining us, Stephanie Riel. Stephanie is a marketing maverick who knows that when it comes to marketing, one size definitely does not fit all. In this episode, titled “Breaking the Mold: Why Marketing Isn’t One Size Fits All,” Stephanie will share her journey of starting her own business at a young age, despite limited knowledge in certain areas. She’ll discuss the value of learning on the fly and learning by doing, and how it led her to build a successful full-service marketing agency for small businesses.

From understanding your ideal customer to reflecting on the core reasons for starting your business, Stephanie will provide valuable insights on successful marketing strategies. She’ll also discuss the impact of positive and negative experiences on consumer perception and offer tips for small businesses with limited budgets and product offerings to differentiate themselves. So, get ready to break free from the mold and discover a whole new approach to marketing with Stephanie Riel on today’s episode of move crush count. Let’s dive in!

Stephanie Riel

Stephanie Riel is a 13-year business owner, brand strategist and marketing consultant, and the founder of RielDeal® Brands.

She began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22, building her first business (a full-service marketing agency for small business’) at 22 from the ground up. For the following 10 years, she continued to bootstrap her way through the challenges and wins that come with being an entrepreneur. It was challenging, but like so many other business owners that she knows and loves, she just dove in, gaining a lot of valuable tools and invaluable knowledge along the way.

Using this knowledge, she continued to grow her business in ways she had only dreamed of before. She started her first business with $100, and turned that business – a marketing agency – into a 6-figure enterprise, supporting clients from coast to coast and growing a team of 8 at it’s height.

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