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MCC 051- Dan Trinidad How to use data to determine what actions need to be taken


Episode Description

On this week’s episode of move. crush. count. Scott talks with data expert and CEO of DealerFox, Dan Trinidad. They discuss how to combine marketing data with operations performance data so you can see the full picture. Scott and Dan also dive into the four pillars of your sales process: –  Marketing –  Inventory –  Processes –  Personnel performance Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing/sales funnels? Learn how to establish benchmarks, and when something is not performing how it should as well as how to analyze, advise, facilitate, and hold everything and everyone accountable. All in this week’s episode of move. crush. count.

Dan Trinidad

Dan founded Dealer Fox in 2016 and is the architect behind Benchmark, a dealer-based software that combines dealer performance data with marketing data and will launch in Q3 of 2021. Dan brings leadership, entrepreneurship, and vision to Dealer Fox by providing in-depth knowledge, new business ideas, and a clear direction for the firm. Dan founded Dealer Fox to serve as a bridge that delivers modern quantitative and qualitative resources to the automotive industry—empowering dealer principles and management to take control of their data and data analytics.

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