MCC 023: Bill Howard – How to Build a Stronger Value Proposition


Episode Description

In this episode, Host Scott Joseph talks with Bill Howard, the CEO and Founder of Fastline Media Group about “How to Build a Stronger Value Proposition” or as Bill likes to call it your “Unique Competitive Edge.”

Fastline Media Group is dedicated to quality agrimarketing advertising both in print and online. Their distribution database of agriculture equipment buyers is the strongest in the industry. Bill does an excellent job of researching his market while also looking outside of his market for new and innovative ideas.

That’s what this episode is all about – take a look outside of your market at the incredible success story of Bill Howard. You might even learn a thing or two about some new strategies that you should be implementing to build a better value proposition!

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Bill Howard

Fastline Media Group Founder, Bill Howard, started his first truck publication in July 1978, The Kentucky Truck Trader (later known as the Bluegrass Trucker), serving the trucking industry in Kentucky. Three years later, the company that would become Fastline had grown into five trucking industry publications. Advertiser and reader response indicated strong interest and support in similar advertising publications. The company looked for other industries to serve within the same style of trade publication. In 1986 the Ohio Fastline and Indiana Fastline were purchased. These were the first of many farm trade publications that would come to be produced under the name Fastline. In 1997, the company’s first website was launched. In 2011, Fastline began publishing complimentary content specifically for the large-acre producer. Distributed with each local Fastline catalog, Big Ag has a nationwide distribution to 95,000 large, commercial farming operations. Bill has built an incredible company and an extremely strong value proposition for Fastline Media Group.

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