MCC 012: Chris Cunningham – How to Increase the Value of Your Business


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Host Scott Joseph interviews the founding partner of C2 Ventures, Chris Cunningham. Chris manages a $10 million early-venture fund, and has had a successful 20-year career in the media and tech industry as a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. In this episode, Chris shares concrete strategies on how you can increase the value of your business. Chris talks about his strategies when trying to decide who to invest in and what he looks for in a successful business. You won’t want to miss it!

Host: Scott Joseph

Location: Louisville Cardinal Stadium

Duration: 54:07

Key notes:

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About the Host:

Scott Joseph is the founder and CEO and J&L Marketing. He has seen great success in his business career and is now searching the world to find the most successful people in their industry to find out what they do to differentiate themselves in today’s market.
Join us in our journey to discover the best strategies used by the most successful entrepreneurs in the world!

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Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham is a 20-year media and tech veteran who is a serial entrepreneur turned early-stage venture capitalist. As an angel investor Chris invested in 18 tech start-ups, four have sold for cash and others like Petal, Journy, Narrative, Embrace, and Bloom Credit continue to increase in value. Chris recently launched a $10M early-stage venture fund to scale the C2V brand and invest in more companies. C2V’s current portfolio includes Kambr, Magallan, Paladin, Beam, Otari Mats, and Boostr. Chris is also an LP in both Bowery Capital and Tech Stars.

He also held executive and leadership roles at both Unacast and Ironsource, a now $2B privately held mobile technology company that recently sold a $500MM cash stake to private equity.

At C2 Ventures Chris is also launching a founder-led Stories Summit as well as a new podcast show called Super Powers with his co-host CEO of Media Ocean Bill Wise.

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