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MCC 004: Grant Cardone – How to Accelerate Business Growth Like a Pro


Episode Description

Do you want to learn all the secrets Grant Cardone uses to 10x his business? In this episode of the #MCC podcast we talk with Grant Cardone on what his secrets are to accelerating business growth. Grant shares not only his secrets to his success but also his failures. Grant talks about how just because you have a great idea, it doesn’t mean it is going to work if the market doesn’t want it. He lectures the audience to follow the money and set your goals higher! Stop comparing yourself to broken people and start taking your business to the 10x level!

Host: Scott Joseph

Location: Miami, Fl at the 10x Headquarters!

Duration: 1:10:38

Key notes:

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About the Host:

Scott Joseph is the founder and CEO and J&L Marketing. He has seen great success in his business career and is now searching the world to find the most successful people in their industry to find out what they do to differentiate themselves in today’s market.
Join us in our journey to discover the best strategies used by the most successful entrepreneurs in the world!

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Grant Cardone

Grant urges his followers and clients to make success their duty, responsibility, obligation, and to rise above outdated, unworkable middle class myths and limitations in order to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.

His straight-shooting viewpoints on leadership, the economy, small business, retail sales, employment, and headlines have made him a valuable resource for media seeking commentary and insights on real topics that matter.

“I work with small companies and Fortune 500 companies to grow sales by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the sales process to be more effective. I have worked with companies like Google, Sprint, Aflac, Toyota, GM, Ford and thousands more. I own and operate four companies that do almost 100m in annual sales and I’m also a New York Times best-selling author, international speaker, & considered the top sales training and social media expert in the world today.” – Grant Cardone

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