Marketing at Your Service

J&L Marketing out-performs and out-smarts the competition.  Our superior results are a product of deep data, superior campaign structures, industry-leading partnerships, and powerful performance! Let us Out-Smart your competition so you don’t have to Out-Spend them!

We are your partner for all of your Sales and After-Sales marketing solutions, providing you with the best Marketing At Your Service.

Turn-Key Program Highly Targeted Digital Advertisements Carefully Structured Landing Pages • Service Scheduler Integration Strategically Crafted Offers • 24/7 Reporting Dashboard • Digital Analyst Optimization

Why Dealer Specific Advertising Vs Group Advertising?

The specialization and hyper-targeting capabilities of Dealer Specific Advertising allows you to build a stronger community and customer appreciation base, increases individual brand awareness, and presents service offers to current CDJR owners within your primary marketing area.

Attack and Defend

Our Attack and Defend Digital System is the absolute best way to own your market and increase opportunities: ATTACKING new sales opportunities in the market and DEFENDING your previous customers from the onslaught of competitors’ advertisements. We out-smart your competition by segmenting your target audience, efficiently and effectively utilizing your marketing budget. 

Our Packages

At J&L Marketing, we have custom packages for MOPAR Business Centers. These packages are for your specific Business Center and built based on your region and size.

Interested in seeing what packages may best benefit you? Meet with one of our Business Growth Strategists now to talk about your custom plans! 

Fixed Ops Marketing has been ignored for too long.  We not only physically move the crowd with consistent appointments to the lane, we move the crowds appreciation with a better client experience. Are you ready to crush your competition?

Paid Search


  • As customers seek service options online, ensure that your dealership is getting seen!

  • Out-market your competition with the most relevant ads by automatically changing your offers based on exact service specials consumers search for

  • Increase your customer loyalty by targeting previous customers – even when they don’t search for your dealership or brand

Display Advertising

Advertise on over 2+ Million Websites

  • Utilize the power of animated ads to convert website traffic and increase your service appointment bookings

  • Never again waste tons of money on clicks that never convert to an RO

  • Utilize your DMS to win back inactive customers via the Google Display Network


Mobile News, YouTube, Gmail

  • Reaches up to 3 billion people monthly on the YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover (Android new app), Gmail Promotions and Social tabs.
  • Delivers ads in stream while customers are consuming content from curated feeds that match their interests.

Custom Landing Page Features

  • Drive customers to your dealership website with a page managed and updated by J&L Marketing

  • Service Scheduling Tool Integration

  • Unique Call Tracking Number

  • Customers can Text, Email, Print or add the offers to Google Pay or Apple Wallet (responsive to device)

  • Customers can share landing page via Facebook, text or email

  • Carefully structured to allow cross selling of additional offers

  • Interactive Accessory Visualizer

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