Crushing the Competition!

J&L delivers leads for over 800 companies across the US! We take the time to understand your market, your business and your competition so you can out-smart them without out-spending them. In fact, our strategies work so well, Google has selected us as a Premier Partner. 

Home Service Standards Vs J&L

Get Smart about Marketing!

Smart means agile, we outsmart the competition by adjusting more quickly in three key areas.  

No other digital marketing partner will do as much with your customer data, create a more detailed campaign structure, or communicate as much as J&L Marketing.

Using data to find the right people for the right price!

Detailed Audience Segments

By utilizing off-line data we’ll evaluate where you’re losing market share to your competition with specific services in specific zip codes. We can then specifically target those individuals. 

Online data sources allow us to identify competitor keywords how and where they are targeting consumers, so we can develop strategies to outmaneuver them and capture more market share for your home service business.

We leverage your Customer Data to market to previous customers differently than future customers. Adjusting our strategy to each audience segment maximizes your budget and creates highly efficient campaigns both in budget and results.

Attacking the competition while defending existing customers.

Campaign Structure like no other!


By optimizing your campaigns across multiple channels we simplify how your business engages home owners. Also, offering the flexibility to shift your marketing budget between platforms based on what is driving results.

Customer Targeting

Your customer data allows us to target individuals wherever they are online. We also create profiles of online users that are most similar to your list of previous customers. We will then be able to retarget those customers who click and ad or visit the site.

Attack & Defend Strategy

This superior account structure helps  Defend your customer against competitors ads  during those key micro-moments when shoppers research online. Our Attack campaigns target conquest customers that are in market for a vehicle.

100% Google Certified Analysts

Never feel left out!

Between the onboarding call, welcome call, monthly calls and reporting, weekly updates and constant campaign awareness your dedicated analysts will keep you up to date with exactly what is working and how to improve.


You’re never on your own with J&L Marketing. Our teams proactively partner with you to create a custom strategy that drives results for your business. Dedicated Digital Strategists monitor campaigns closely, optimizing for results and providing detailed monthly insights and recommendations.

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Intelligent Bidding

We use Zip Codes, Models, Customer Lists, Remarketing, Brand or Competitive Brands, Target CPA, Maximize Conversions and Maximize Clicks to ensure your bids are the most aggressive and economical.

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Transparent Reporting

To understand your digital performance – and track how you stack up against your competition – you need more than basic digital data. That’s why we’ve engineered a reporting system to deliver a comprehensive review of your entire digital presence.

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Your advisor will provide monthly calls, weekly email updates and weekly reports. We make sure you are aware of what is going on.

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Don't take our word for it

The Power of Partnership!

Turn Strategy into Success with best in class Campaign Management.  We have invested heavily in a team of experts that work side-by-side every day with our clients. Schedule an appointment with a Business Growth Strategist so we can create your new digital marketing plan, provide you with ongoing support and performance updates. 


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