Get More From Your End of the Year Marketing

Catch Shoppers Before They Buy From Your Competition

Did you know that, on average, you’re missing out on over 695 car sales per month to consumers who are currently in your DMS?

Catch your current, on-the-fence, and lost customers before they find their next vehicle somewhere else.

The average car buying journey has changed and dealers who hope to influence shoppers to their dealership instead of the competition must target potential buyers at exactly the right time.

Our Year End Clearance Events do this by reaching in-market shoppers during critical decision-making moments. They convince car buyers that the offers and incentives found in your marketing are better than anything they will find anywhere else.

This delivers a quick high-impact lift in quality showroom traffic for the ultimate buying frenzy.

What’s your year-end marketing strategy?

Don’t wait.

Your chance to outsell your competition and boost sales before the end of the year goes down every minute… and the clock’s ticking.

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