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We Help You Win With The Optimized Marketing Funnel

What if you could reach the 98% of invitees who never respond to your event marketing?

At J&L Marketing, we’ve created a marketing strategy that motivates recipients to respond. Our dealers consistently get more leads from people who do not initially respond to their marketing because of our Optimized Marketing Funnel.

It’s a unique and advanced marketing strategy that uses data and technology to power customized and consistent messaging for your direct marketing campaign across multiple marketing channels.

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Harness Deep Data To Exceed Expectations

Today, people have a higher expectation for how their data should be used – which means the quality of your messaging must be more dynamic than ever.

Get Better Results With The Latest Technology

With the Optimized Marketing Funnel, targeted messaging is more responsive and effective than anything you have done in the past.


Because the Optimized Marketing Funnel leverages the latest technology to determine the best message for each individual car shopper.

Adjust Messaging to Each Individual

The Optimized Marketing Funnel is designed to communicate with customers the way they expect and want – rather than bombarding them with meaningless advertisements. It uses an omni-channel marketing approach to engage them with email, direct mail, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

Respond to Each Action or Inaction

The Optimized Marketing Funnel makes it easy for car shoppers by engaging them with messages that are relevant to their actions. Whey they zig, we zag. Which makes the messaging more meaningful and evokes more responses from targeted audiences.

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