The Sale Event Domination System that Gives You the Easiest Way to


Attention Dealers Who Would Do More Sale Events IF... You Were Absolutely Confident You Would Double to Triple Your Weekend Sales!

Ever wish you could deliver instant, high impact, quality traffic to your showroom that creates a contagious buying atmosphere… energizes your sales team and makes you money before, during and after your event?


You’re about to discover the secrets from over 50,000 successful sale events to increase your face-to-face selling opportunities without the pain of risking your ad budget on sale events that don’t work.


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The Sale Event Domination System sells 390% more vehicles on avg to your target audience

80% of The Sale Domination System clients make money before their event begins

92% of all our total business comes from repeat dealer clients

Maximize your potential with closing percentages as high as 46%

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Secret #1

How To Engineer More Leads And Sales By Improving What Works And Eliminating What Doesn’t

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How To Overcome The 3 Biggest Sale Event Hurdles Every Dealer Faces And Achieve Closing Percentages As High As 46!

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How To Make Money On Your Sale Event Before It Begins

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How To Make Money On Your Event Before It Begins

​How to increase sales to your in-market target audience by 390%!

The three biggest hurdles every dealer faces with sale events AND how to overcome them!

How to have your sales team excited about the event and never have to hear them complain about low response or the quality of traffic again!

How to maximize your potential with closing percentages as high as 46%!

Hi, my name is Scott Joseph and welcome to!

You need only two things to sell more vehicles in the next 30 days than you ever dreamed possible:

The first I can give you.

It’s a realistic approach for selling 390% more cars to a targeted in-market audience, using a unique approach to deep data, marketing strategy and campaign management with techniques of the world’s most successful marketers, dealers, managers and sales experts. You too can generate hours of intense face-to-face sales traffic for your salespeople with closing percentages as high as 46%.

The second you can give yourself.

It’s the simple “go ahead” to try it.

Make no mistake. As simple as that sounds, most people never try anything different. They work hard month to month, year to year, and never show an increase in market penetration or more importantly, Sales and Profit. The simple truth is the average dealership can make more money from a single successful sale event than from weeks of regular advertising.

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A Sales Multiplier, Morale Booster and Passion Builder All Rolled Into One!

The Sale Event Domination System isn’t just a profit-certain, sales multiplier… it also turns out to be a powerful strategy for building customer loyalty. Likewise, it’s equally as effective when applied as a morale builder for your sales team.

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Scott T. Joseph
CEO and Founder
J&L Marketing

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P.S.S. It is vitally important to this offer! You might say, “Well, why would I want to do this… is it worth my time?” I think because today, in a society that’s changing as rapidly as our culture is, we’re finding that many people who had certainty about the future based on what they have done in the past have a great deal of uncertainty now.

And the reason I say that is there is a great deal of out-sourcing that is occurring. There are businesses that are going under. (Businesses are being started. Everywhere, people are searching for help and answers to get their business going and growing to get themselves to the next level.) And just because you are performing well or you have been doing the same thing for years in an excellent way doesn’t mean you’re going to be working in the same environment or enjoy the same success in the future.

Marketing and innovation, to me, are the answers and solutions you are after. Marketing and innovation produce sales and profits. Everything else is a cost. Marketing is educating and motivating people to desire and demand your product or service

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