Last year, J&L Marketing launched Easy Car Buy.

Easy Car Buy was designed to take the frustration out of the car buying process and allow shoppers to enjoy the car-buying experience the way they want.

Today, it’s the best online vehicle shopping experience a dealership can offer.

Shoppers love Easy Car Buy because it takes real-time inventory, pricing, and incentives and allows shoppers to browse real vehicles on the lot, from the comfort of their own home. On the Easy Car Buy landing page, they can configure pricing and payments, calculate their trade-in value, equity, and more – it’s a one-stop-shop for comparing vehicles, pricing, payments, etc.

But Easy Car Buy is not just a tool for shoppers – it’s a tool for dealers who want to be more involved, have more in control, and sell more cars.

It’s a tool that gives dealers a real-time, 360-degree view of shoppers. Dealers can see how shoppers interact with their online inventory. Everything shoppers do on Easy Car Buy is information you get as a dealer.

It’s a game-changer as you seek to convert leads into sales.

The thing is, we constantly work to innovate and improve everything we do – which is why we updated our Easy Car Buy Dashboard to do even more.

Easy Car Buy Update

While it might not sound that exciting, if you like to sell cars and you want a better way to do this, this  update is for you.

This update is twofold, but we’ll focus on what we’ve done to the dashboard for now.

This dashboard update allows you to use your DMS data to match customers to newer, better vehicles – for less.

Imagine calling John Doe and saying, “John, I can get you into a newer, better vehicle for less than you thought possible – probably even less than what you’re paying now.”

They would probably be interested – but skeptical.

Maybe you are too…

Consider this: With Easy Car Buy Customer, Service, and Inventory Matches, you can match a customer to a vehicle that they’re most likely to buy.

More than that, you can configure their total and/or monthly payment down to the dollar so that they know exactly what to expect when they visit your dealership.

So, when you call John Doe, you’re not just making this information up. You have all the information in front of you and you can actually adjust their information to better align with what they might want/need – which makes selling cars a lot easier.

1.      Customer Match

With Customer Match, you can see current customers in your DMS, their current vehicle, and how much they could save by purchasing a vehicle on your lot.

You can find a vehicle that they’re most likely to be interested in – at a price that will be nearly impossible to pass up.

If John Doe currently drives a 2013 BMW X5 xDrive50i, then you can see if he bought it new or used, if he chose a lease or payed up front, who his salesman is, etc. More than that, you can see his current equity and/or trade-in value.

With this information in front of you, you can check vehicles that match his profile – vehicles he is most likely to buy and what his payment might be.

If John Doe isn’t interested in the vehicle you choose for him, there’s a plethora of other options right at your fingertips so you can find a vehicle that is right for him – without leaving your office or asking him to visit your dealership.

2.      Service Match

Service match is incredibly similar to customer match, except that it takes customers from your service department and matches them to vehicles on your lot based on their service history.

Data shows that a customer’s experience in your dealership’s service department influences their likelihood to purchase – in fact, the more they’re in your service department the more likely they are to purchase from you in the future. Easy Car Buy’s Service Match just speed up the future by providing you with the information you need to sell vehicles from your service bay.

3.      Inventory Matches

Inventory Matches is where you can see which vehicles in your inventory match customers in your database. You can filter by customer match or by days on lot – so you can move more inventory, faster.

If you have a vehicle on your lot that you need to move or want to move, Easy Car Buy does the work for you. It will show you how many of your customers match with that vehicle and which customers are most likely to respond.

4.      Configure Inventory

This is your personal Easy Car Buy. You get to see what your customers see – and more.

Configure vehicles for current customers or vice versa.

You will have the power to configure pricing for specific customers and show them actual payments based on whether they finance or lease, their monthly payment preference, down payment, credit tier, term length, etc. Plus, you can add their trade in or calculate their pay off.

And you can do all this in real-time from any location.

When you talk to a shopper about a newer, better vehicle, you’ll be able to configure their exact payment without them having to leave their home.

This is key to increasing showroom traffic and selling more cars. How?

Well, by giving customers the information they want, you’re able to prove that your dealership is superior to others. Customers will know that the majority of their shopping is done. They won’t have to deal with salesmen on the lot, compare vehicles and pricing in a high-pressure situation, or deal with a lot of finance information on the back end.

You are doing this work for them – through Easy Car Buy!

The Power You Need to Sell

This Easy Car Buy update  will give you the power as you seek to meet shoppers where they are – with information that’s important to them. You’ll be able to outsell your competitors because they won’t be able to offer the same comfort, ease, and information that you are offering your customers.

And, your customers will love it because you’ll cut their vehicle shopping journey in half by giving them opportunities to purchase vehicles they want, at prices they didn’t know were possible.

This is how you will increase your showroom traffic and sell more cars. This is how Easy Car Buy will work for you!