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As an FCA dealer, your job is to sell cars. To do this, you have to drive traffic to your showroom. But now, there are more channels to do this than ever before.

At J&L Marketing, we only offer the marketing solutions that we’re the best at. We don’t just do what we’re good at, we do what we’re better at than everyone else.

If you’re an FCA dealer and you need an agency that can do more and help you be better than your competitors, look no further.







PAP Eligible Marketing Solutions


Virtual Sales Events

You can double your leads and sell up to 50 percent more cars. Virtual Sales Events utilize Easy Car Buy, a landing page that motivates car shoppers to select your dealership over the competition. There’s nothing else like it.

Advertise the way your customers want to shop by pairing marketing with Easy Car Buy. It’s an omni-channel strategy that results in two to three times the response rate of traditional sales campaigns. This is achieved by messaging that appeals to car shoppers’ biggest questions.


Privates Sale Events

Private Sale Events are proven to generate volumes of qualified traffic in your showroom that will result in a buying frenzy. These one to two-day events, powered by a potent combination of direct mail, email, and social media.

J&L’s Private Sale Events are now even more effective because of our integration with Easy Car Buy! This after event strategy will generate a flood of leads and set you up to have outstanding car sales over the next 30 days.


Private Service Events

Want to increase customer loyalty and sell cars from your service bay? Our Private Service Events increase service department traffic and conversions. They are the most effective way to generated new revenue opportunities, prevent customer defections, and bring back lost customers. You can even gain new customers!

Data shows that a customer’s experience in a dealership’s service department influences their likelihood to purchase from that dealership. By hosting a J&L Private Service Event, you’re giving your customers and guests a positive experience at your dealership and, according to the data, that’s invaluable towards increasing your current and future sales.

Other Solutions to Consider


Digital Marketing

Attack and defend against your competition online. Our digital arsenal includes Paid Search, Facebook, Display and Gmail ads. We also digitally attack your competition with VIN specific paid search, Facebook Remarketing, Display Remarketing. We’ve got your fixed-ops department covered too, with our Service Combat Strategy.

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