More Billable Hours. Less Post-Warranty Defection.

Check Out What Service Combat Strategy is Doing for Dealers Like You:

The Difficult Problem We Solve

  •  High post-warranty defection rates 
  • Decrease in billable hours 
  • Less repair orders 
  • Only 30% of all service visits take place at a dealership
  • Only 17% of dealership service visits occur at the dealership where the vehicle was purchased 

Why it's Hard to Solve the Problem

  • Dealer websites are not designed for service 
  • Misconceptions about dealer pricing 
  • Customers believe independent shops are more convenient 
  • Customers seek service options online 

Our Solution

  • Addresses vehicle owners’ main concerns with dealer service departments 
  • Digitally targets current and potential service customers 
  • Advertises service offers that are 100% relevant to online searches 
  • Provides vehicle owners with easy access to the info they need 
  • Capitalizes on today’s trends to reach vehicle owners with marketing that influences them to take action 

Key Features

  • Turn Key Program 
  • Highly Targeted Digital Advertisements 
  • Carefully Structured Landing Pages 
  • Strategically Crafted Offers 
  • Digital Analyst 

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