Launch your Private Sales Event at 50% Cost

with Jaguar Land Rover Commercial Aftersales Subsidy Funds

Each year, the average retailer misses out on roughly $5,892,155.

This is because only 30 percent of all service visits take place at a retailer and only 17 percent of those visits occur at the retailer where the vehicle was purchased!

As a result, retailers are experiencing high post-warranty defection rates, fewer repair orders, and decreased billable hours.

Private Service Events solve this by identifying lost and at-risk clients who are most likely to respond and attend.

They increase client pay by persuading them with marketing messages that offer services independent shops can’t provide. In addition, they win back clients by educating them about retailer service, pricing, expertise, and convenience.

We’ve helped Jaguar Land Rover achieve incredible results with the launch of the Land Rover Discovery, the Range Rover Velar, and the Jaguar F-PACE and we’re honored to be a part of the launch of the new All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE. In addition, we’ll be showcasing the Land Rover Discovery for all Land Rover clients.

Jaguar Land Rover will finance 50% cost for each J&L Private Service Event. 

Campaign Components:

• First Class Direct Mail Piece
• Up to 3 Emails Prior to and After the Event
• Ringless Voicemails
• Personalized Landing Page
• Lead Advantage BDC
• On-Site Event Coordinator
• $5,000 Giveaway Policy
• 50 Printed Passports
• Data Extraction and Data Management with 60 days of ROI Reporting    (Price will vary based off R&R, CDK or Other)

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